High-Range IQ tests can be as fun as they are strenuous. Just like forcing any engine to the maximum is not good on a long term.
Be sure to take your time and get some rest if you want to do your best!

FEE: Most tests require a fee. See fee explanation.

Verification of identity (a photocopy or a scan of 1) your passport, or 2) identity card, or 3) driving licence)
is now needed only for publishing a score online. Otherwise, feel free to take my tests without this requirement.


You must contact me to ivan.ivec@gmail.com even if you send your answers by snail mail.
Please send also your previous IQ scores on high range IQ tests, especially on Logima Strictica 36. See more here.

Many thanks to Jeff Christopher Leonard for suggesting names for most of my tests and societies.


I regularly read explanations for new tests (before the second official norm).
In other cases, please pay somewhat higher fee.


I recommend to work for at least 15 minutes on each item, with a clear mind and to repeat this procedure at least twice.
Otherwise, you will likely not reach your full potential.

Only the best answers will be valued.
Solutions are not always unique, and sometimes I do accept alternative solutions.
You need to be precise. For example, approximate numbers are not allowed (the value of pi is NOT 3.14).

For each test two attempts are allowed (except Elementary : three attempts; Pert : one attempt).
I also allow the unofficial third attempt: without official score report and without possibility to be accepted to some IQ society.
If you are planning to take HI-Qlass, the third attempt is not allowed for Triplex or Einplex.

Please, do not discuss solutions with anyone.


I usually publish a preliminary norm after the first 10 testees and official norm reports after 20, 40, 80 and 120 testees.
My norming methods are published on my IQ Tests Blog.
Official norm reports are accepted by all of my IQ Societies (Grand, Intruellect, Real IQ, UGS) and by some others.