Pretty accurate measure of general intelligence is expected up to 142 sd15.
Pretty accurate measure of verbal intelligence is expected up to 166 sd15. Read more...

Before taking the test please read this test taking information.

Triplex is a high range IQ test. It consists of 30 three-word associations. Every item can and must be solved as one word.
Each solution should be the most deductive and the most common notion. Use of internet and dictionary is allowed.
Some solutions are not unique, and you can send two solutions for each item.
You will receive raw score by thirds for your first submission.
You can find the third norm report, here.

Enjoy the test!!!

1) mother, father, brother

2) hand, foot, basket

3) snow, warm, fog

4) hole, club, links

5) white, plain, pen

6) mail, click, world

7) small, big, rotate

8) white, black, war

9) holiday, baby, faith

10) state, money, border

11) cloud, bird, plane

12) car, door, board

13) bike, rocky, peak

14) CRT, LCD, cube

15) hair, blade, blood

16) walk, run, jump

17) eyes, drink, window

18) e, pi, i

19) c, ray, eye

20) number, ice, empty

21) dog, bug, computer

22) speed, game, 163

23) 7154, infinity, life

24) good, family, mercy

25) line, Bible, line

26) g, garden, sin

27) flower, green, joke

28) S0, L100, G

29) bb, star, miss

30) r1d, 4r3e6, b2u5

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