I'll publish here some new or less known IQ tests from other authors.
   I also recommend tests that I liked the most.

Recommended tests Verbal IQ tests Numerical IQ tests Spatial IQ tests Mixed type IQ tests
Nydegger intelligence test - Form I (free) QUINTIQ (free) Analytica Mach The IQ Test (free)
Logima Strictica 36 Lexiq SUN TRIQT 30 (free) LDA-SWaN
Esoterica   SEQS I I&Q IQ Test Numericore
NGT-F   QUANTIQ v2 (free) Spark  
SLSE I   12345 (free) AGLT    -    AGLT norm  
Warp (free)   SATURN (free until the first norm report) SLA Tests Euler's function
    Jim Lorrimore IQ tests (free)   Program 1
    NST   Program 2
    NST - Form 2    

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