Fee explanation
(IQ tests by Ivan Ivec)

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I call you a friend (although we probably didn't even meet each other) because I want each visitor to leave the site happier.
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This is not a shop. Here you trust me (that I'll thoroughly review your submission),
and I trust you (that you'll not share your solutions with other persons).
Please feel free to pay as much as you find appropriate, but please pay something for each submission.
The following table is for reference only, that you know when to expect your score.

Important: Numodyssey and Vercenthon are counted as two tests each.
A new fee table will be valid from January 1, 2024. Click here to see it.

Lipt, Pert
Other tests
Scoring within 2-3 days
Scoring within \(\approx\frac{1000}{x^2}\) days
One free scoring (quick for 5 )
if you provide a clear verification of identity
Extra option: certificate - see sample
Extra option: publishing a score online (any author)

You can pay with PayPal account to ivan.ivec@gmail.com (sending to a friend option is prefered) or directly to my bank account (Ivan Ivec, IBAN: HR3923400093216612938, SWIFT: PBZGHR2X). Please let me know if you paid to the bank account.
Write to e-mail to agree other options. You can send only new solutions in your second attempt.