Q1) How can I get my IQ accurately?
Q2) Did you check my answers properly?
Q3) May I pay to you for Mislav Predavec's tests?
Q4) May I join your IQ societies with scores on tests that are not listed on your site?


A1) Measuring high intelligence is not an exact science. However, thanks to few enthusiasts high range IQ tests provide a good measurement
       tool for that purpose. If you scored IQ=160 (sd=15) on one test, you cannot be sure that your IQ is that high. But, if you scored in the 150-160
       range on several more tests, then your IQ is likely to be around 160. Trying tests of different kinds and from different authors can provide a
       slightly more information, and I recommend Real IQ Society. But be also aware that trying many tests is more a hobby than IQ measurement.
A2) Yes, of course. I can't afford myself such a luxury to send false score reports. 
A3) No.
A4) You can suggest a test, but please send a link to the test or its norm/statistics. If I add a test to the list of accepted tests, you can join then.