My name is Ivan Ivec and I come from Croatia.
I'm a teacher of mathematics with a PhD degree in mathematics.
I'll present here my IQ tests and other activities. See home page.

My IQ tests are devoted to measuring IQ in the 120-190 range,
and I'll use term AIQ (approximate intelligence quotient)
because there are many aspects of intelligence
that cannot be measured by IQ tests.
Take IQ tests only as an intellectual challenge.

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Correcting IQ tests: Monday - Saturday
Updating the site: be patient
Answering questions: be patient

Please read carefully test taking information.
Hint: You must minimize induction when solving my IQ tests.

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My IQ Tests (with number of testees in parentheses):

SPEED (70)
LSHR (97)
LSHR Light (282)
LSHR Classic (36)
Triplex (73)
Triplex Light (65)
Einplex (168)
HI-Qlass (48)
Vercenthon (18/16)
Daster (49)
FREE Fall (77)
Lipt (62)
Pert (69)

Online Tests

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27.12.2018. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
27.12.2018. Numerus Classic final norm report

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